Live Entertainment or Dead Dogma?

So, what are we on now, 2 dead franchises of Batman, two dead Hulks, two spiderman, going on three “reboots” of Superman? Originality is dead in Hollywood. It’s precious that one of the finest movies to come out all year was a story that is over 100 years old. John Carter is an ancient story, but it was only just made into a movie. I understand the “creative minds are so starved that they are looking to Solomon Kane. When you are dying for source material and you need to dig back to Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs at least you have found some talented writers but the admission that you need to travel that far back in time speaks ill for the current crop of writers.
Since I have been doing Comedy I have been extremely impressed with the sheer creativity, originality and professionalism of the amateur comics I see at Open Mics. If the “writers” in Hollywood would simply learn to write and not plagiarize or paraphrase every idea they have ever put on the screen the state of entertainment media would improve one hundred fold.

Until the day originality returns to Hollywood I will just keep my TV off and will continue to severely limit my consumption of the foolish time sink products provided by the film industry.

Open Mic

Returned to Boulder Coffee Open Mic. I need to “pay my dues again” get known here in Rochester. My act went well, lots of laughs, and oddly enough I was asked up to the stage as one of the three best comics of the night. I don’t know how they selected the final three, but It was pretty cool. The other comics were very funny. Although I didn’t take the prize it was great to do comedy again in Rochester.


My hour of comedy is close if you include every single joke, can’t claim more than 20 minutes of decent material and even that only works if there are more than ten people in the audience. I have quite a few good jokes, but very few “rolling laugh” always works jokes.

The writing target worked, I have twenty short stories, almost all need to be edited and proofed for publication. I am also almost half way through my novel, tentatively entitled “Into the Dark” a deep space rescue team trying to rescue and salvage a mining operation that has stumbled across something dangerous and unexpected.

Cripple Creek

I went on a ghost hunt in Cripple Creek Colorado. It was held at the Jailhouse Museum. All told, a very long drive, lots of hours of very wordy useless digital audio tape, some not very useful snapshots and even less useful video. Perhaps I am not very good at going over material yet looking for evidence, but I digress. I did see one thing that made the trip worth while.

I was standing in the darkened cell block, all the other ghost hunters on the team were in one of the cells talking to the darkness, hoping for EVPs. I had a red LED flashlight that emits a dull red glow quite a distance in total darkness (so as not to mess with night vision). I was shining the light down the length of the small cell block corridor and I saw my shadow. I thought it odd, because I didn’t think there was any light source behind me. I looked over my shoulder to confirm that there was no light source behind me and when I looked back it was gone. So… ultimately not real sure what I saw, but it looked like a very clear silhouette outlined in the dull red glow of the flashlight. Wish I had had a camera running at that moment.

Ghost Hunting Rules for Chills and Chuckles

1. I don’t have to explain everything I see or hear to refuse to believe it’s a ghost or something supernatural.

Often times, when you personally don’t buy something you are asked to assert what you think it is, or what you believe. In my case, I am a HUGE believer in the power of imagination (even my own). I get the creeps constantly in my own basement, that doesn’t mean there is a metaphysical presence there trying to communicate with me, all it means to me is that I likely have a massively overactive imagination. I feel that up to and until I find something unequivocally supernatural happen directly to me (and no, not even seeing a ghost will do it) If I get picked up and tossed around the room by something I can’t see, I’ll start to think it’s real. As a corollary here, I don’t plan on sticking around someplace that scares me just to show how much of a doubter I am either.

2. I really don’t want to denigrate the beliefs of other Ghost Hunters.

If I can get along with a wide variety of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists and a few other categories of faith without being an asshole insisting on proof of their assertions, I think I can hang out with ghost hunters who believe a wide array of things that I really doubt. Forcing someone to back up their assertions without invitation to be a jackass is at best rude. While my legal background demands proof of assertions, I don’t need it to accept that someone else believes something.

3. Far more important for me to get data that has as little added fluff as possible.

If a machine seems to be reacting to a stimuli, it’s far more important to figure out what it is reacting to than for me to try and assume facts that are unsupported. I’d rather not jump to conclusions.

4. Have fun, that’s what I am here for.

If a fellow ghost hunter has no sense of humor they aren’t going to care much for me anyway. I like to crack jokes, even lame ones. It’s kinda who I am.

Probably more to come as I go on more ghost hunts and get more equipment.